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Glossary Of Personal Finance Terms

Academic Year– This is the amount of the academic work you must complete each year, and the time period in which you are expected to complete it, as defined by your school. Academic years change from school to school and even from educational program to educational program at the same school.

  • Maturity – The date specified in a note or bond on which the debt is due and payable.
  • Overdraft Checking — A checking account with a line of credit that allows a person to write checks for more than the actual balance in the account, with a finance charge on the overdraft.
  • This independent third party agent or account assumes possession of a contract, a deed, or money from a grantor until completion of any outstanding obligations or commitments.
  • When you use a credit card, you’re borrowing money.
  • Like money market accounts, savings accounts offered by FDIC-member banks are covered by FDIC insurance.
  • A market where stocks and shares are bought and sold.

The federal securities laws generally require entities that pool securities to register those pooled vehicles with the SEC. If these limitations are met, CIFs are exempt from SEC registration and reporting requirements. See related question about Collective Investment Funds. Items—such as drafts, notes, and acceptances—received for collection and credited to a depositor’s account after payment has been received.

Personal Finance Terms Everyone Should Know

Along with Equifax and TransUnion, one of the three national credit bureaus that collects and provides consumer financial records used to measure a potential borrower’s creditworthiness. Along with Experian and TransUnion, one of the three national credit bureaus that collects and provides consumer financial records used to measure a potential borrower’s creditworthiness. In the context of insurance, the amount of money you must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim. A term usually used to refer to an employee at a debt settlement company negotiates with creditors.

  • A tax on the sale, lease, or rental of taxable tangible personal property and taxable services within the State of Texas.
  • A slip of paper from the bank that provides a written order to pay money as instructed.
  • Investors can claim these losses on their taxes, which can help them recover some of the money.
  • Actions that a person does for someone else, such as cutting hair, giving a medical checkup, or fixing a car.
  • Value Line reports are found in the reference section of many libraries.

A legal directive to reduce someone’s wages in order to pay taxes, child support, or other debt. A financial planner who is a fiduciary and whose compensation comes directly from their clients. They do not receive commissions based on individual financial products they sell to their clients. The ability to buy a company’s stock at cheaper-than-usual rates, normally offered as part of a job’s compensation package. An investment strategy where the investor puts the same dollar amount of money into the market at consistent intervals, buying and selling regardless of market conditions. A financial account that belongs to a minor but is run by a designated adult until the minor reaches an age set by the terms of the account. For example, say you have a balance of $1,000 and are earning an annual interest rate of 6%.

Expert Financial Consultation with HRCCU

The P/E ratio shows how high a stock’s price is relative to the amount of money the company earns. These are known as pooled vehicles, which means that several investors share ownership in the investments owned by the fund. Besides this higher risk, margin trading requires that the returns you earn must exceed the margin interest rate you are paying in order to earn you a positive net return. Because some of the money you are investing is borrowed, the gains and losses of your investments represent a higher percentage of your money.

What is CRL and SRL?

SLR. CRR is the deposit banks' ratio at RBI. SLR is the ratio of the deposit that the bank needs to keep with them.

If you are physically present in the UK for 183 days in a tax year then you will be resident in the UK and taxable on your income and capital gains. If you are abroad only temporarily, or if you spend an average of three months a year in the UK for four years, you will be treated as ordinarily resident and therefore taxable. A person appointed to manage and safeguard the assets of a trust.

Available Credit

This number establishes a theoretical base from which changes are made to create a new budget. LEED™ is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. Uniform minimum standards for financial accounting and reporting. They govern the form and content of the financial statements of an entity. GAAP encompass the conventions, rules, and procedures necessary to define accepted accounting practice at a particular time. They include not only broad guidelines of general application but also detailed practices and procedures.

Glossary Of Personal Finance Terms

There is a 12-month grace period prior to repayment following graduation, withdrawal, or a drop below half-time status. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in the School of Nursing in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Health Professions Loan– Federal loan with a 5% interest rate during repayment. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in the School of Pharmacy in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

Defined-contribution plans

A shorter average maturity usually means a less sensitive – and consequently, less volatile – portfolio. The most common asset classes are stocks, bonds and cash equivalents.

Glossary Of Personal Finance Terms

Debit—The deduction of money from a financial account. Conversion—The transfer of funds from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. IRA conversions are a taxable event in the year that a conversion is made.

State income tax

While the term is broad, covering a variety of specialties and certifications, a financial advisoris a professional with skills and knowledge to assist with a range of financial matters. They can help you make decisions around managing your money for long-term planning, including retirement and your kids’ education, buying a home or more short-term dreams such as buying a car. The amount of money withheld from your paycheck based on how many allowances you claim. Your marital status and whether you have children will affect your allowances. If too much is withheld from your paycheck, you’ll get a tax refund. A public company that owns a series of properties that generate income.

See related questions about Savings & Interest-Bearing Accounts, Mortgages & Home Equity, and Loan Interest Rates. An agency that collects individual credit information and sells it for a fee to creditors so they can Glossary Of Personal Finance Terms make a decision on granting loans. Typical clients include banks, mortgage lenders, credit card companies, and other financing companies. Also commonly referred to as a consumer reporting agency or credit bureaus.

It can be added within the term of the policy or at the end of a policy . Personal items of value that are covered under your insurance. This includes cameras, sunglasses, computers, mobile phones and jewellery. For the full list of what is covered please see your policy. When investing in a unit-linked contract or unit trust, the individual’s contribution is used to buy units of equal value. The value of these units will fall or rise in line with the underlying investments. Aim to mirror or ‘track’ the performance of any of a number of worldwide stock market indices, such as the FTSE 100 Index.

You should also know by how much and how often your rate may change. A person who acts on another person’s or institution’s behalf in a financial transaction. Agents include stockbrokers, realtors and forex and money transfer services. Stash may receive compensation from business partners for referring Stash clients to such partners for the purchase of non-investment consumer products or services. This conflict of interest affects the ability of Stash to provide clients with unbiased, objective promotions concerning the products and services of its business partners.

The form indicates information concerning the school they will attend, the program and the expected date of completion. A member-based organization created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses in order to obtain discounts from vendors, based on the collective buying power of the group’s members.

A credit report is a statement that has information about a person’s credit history, including loan paying history and the status of credit accounts. Lenders use credit reports to help them decide if they will loan money and what interest rates they will charge. A cash advance fee is a charge made by the bank or financial institution that the borrower owes after taking a cash advance loan. This fee could be either a one-time, flat fee that is owed at the time of the transaction or a fee charged as an annual percentage of the amount of the cash advance. A balloon payment is the money owed on a loan when the loan term expires (usually after 5-7 years). When the term is over, the borrower must pay a balloon payment for the total amount remaining on the loan, or the borrower can choose to refinance the loan for new terms and rates. Balloon loans sometimes allow the borrower to transfer the remaining amount automatically into a long-term mortgage.

A form that the employee completes and the employer uses to determine the amount of income tax to withhold. Scheme to take your money or your house often by making a false promise of saving you from foreclosure; includes mortgage loan modification scams. Expenses, like bills, that must be paid each month and generally cost the same amount.

The largest stock exchange in the US and the oldest electronic stock market in the world. Short for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, it’s a computerized trading network on which investors can buy or sell stock. A small, short-term low-interest loan typically used by entrepreneurs or new businesses for startup expenses. A temporary interest rate a credit card provider offers to a new customer.


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